The Suspicious lover boy

Let me give you a summary of what i have been trying to understand recently. When it happens for no reason, that is ‘love’ but when there are clear cut reasons, it is not ‘love’…to be more precise, ‘love with the special feelings’ as people who experience it describe. The whole concept is still difficult for me to understand, which is why i wanted to dig into it more.

Now, what does the lover boy has in special, which makes all girls fall for him??? In his school days, all that i remember was that he was more normal or ordinary to any one else. So it must his college which made the difference. It was then, far more easier to correlate. It should have been the same feeling that he went through, followed by a miserable shatter of his whole dream world, to discover, the person he aspired to be with find some one else  far more interesting. However, i would definitely appreciate his capability to rise from the dungeon but there, he found a mask and he wore the mask. The mask was the manipulative personality which the girls loved. Even the strongest of them would be shaken for once, impressed by our masked man. It is not that they dont try to find his heart, but they never get a chance to. It happens so fast that they fail to go on a step by step basis.

A character of this dimension is rare and you don’t get a chance to figure out more of him. It might be that, i, scribble down this, think little clearly on all the issues and try to observe how it works, the reason why i identify there is something more to our lover boy which is still in dark. It is anticipated that his character molds him to stand apart, to stay ‘ultra casual’ to anything and everything and not to get shaken with anything that a normal person might worry upon. Agree that this is a positive quality but not always. Knowing the lover boy too well for more than a year (though acquaintance is spread for a period of 7 years or more), i still cant figure many missing leads.Seemingly the ‘lover boy’ to the whole gang of girls reminds me of the ‘axe deo ad’!!! I can see all this cover up very clearly but were is the sincerity hiding itself… cmon, now so many things have been shed above but am more interested to see the sincerity, which will come for use in future too, u agree right….hey, now don’t misunderstand. All this has nothing to do with me, am being a mere spectator here. Any ways i will try to figure out more regarding this….meanwhile, all good wishes to our ‘lover boy’.


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