The Other side of this table

I slowed down my car at the gate and rolled down my window screen. Somehow I felt a little strange being there at that moment, feeling the air felt different, even the tiny dancing plants near the gate felt different. The security smiled at me and as the gate opened I took my car in and parked it at the special place meant for me.


“Kid, you are late, you cant punch today”

“C’mon ramukkaka, don’t be so mean, I had to do lot of running around since morning”

“Didn’t you say the same excuse yesterday?”

“Well, yeah but then today I was more exhausted I woke up late, but I swear this will not happen again”

“Sorry kid, don’t waste my time, you want to get in, get this signed from the supervisor”

Ah, the supervisor was more of a monster, he tore his victims to pieces and I always ended up in his hands.


“Good morning Sir, It is a pleasant morning”

“Good morning Mr. Shetty” He smiled and walked away. I remembered his young face, rude as always but with no wrinkles and no grey hairs. I heard some people talk on Mr.Shetty, the supervisor’s,  make over. He is not mean anymore but then I guess, he has grown up with the company and he can relax a bit now, or maybe he has realized, with a pleasant attitude you live more and Mr. Shetty would want to live more. I smiled at myself.


“Did you do the Xerox Mohan?”

“Yes Sir”

“Did you ask the taxi man to pick GM on time”

“Yes Sir”

“Would you go to the ROC tomorrow, I need some work done there”

“Sure, Sire, you seem like in a hurry”

“Hmm, I have to pile up some work before the AGM and the notices have already been sent”

“Do you need a helping hand with anything sir?”

That brought a glow to his expressionless face, he thought for a second and told me,

“Go through this FA Schedule, compare it with last year and ensure everything in order”

The phone rang and he hurriedly spoke through it, “yes sir, am on my way”

Before leaving he said, “Mohan, my boy, just finish it before evening”

I stared at those sheets for a long time and recollected, ‘The FA Schedule’.


The Secretary Mr. Kapoor, was evergreen, he felt polite and warm like before.

“Good morning sire”

“Good morning Mr. Kapoor, How are you?”

He was thoughtful for a second, choosing the right words, of course he was always a diplomat.

“When our company is at its best, what more happiness could it bring us”

I nodded back, this is the best I like about this place, at times I feel, employees can never be as committed as they are here.


I walked through the small hallway, opened my well-furnished cabin door, kept my suit case on the side table and sat on the big chair. My table was set neat, I liked it that way. There were two chairs across my big table. The paper weight, the pen stand, the desk calendar and a small board in golden frame said ‘Mr. Mohan Patel, GM Finance’.

During my hard times, I had joined this company as a management trainee. The company showed me the path through which I walked. I topped in academics and it helped me climb up. Now, after 10 long years, I am the GM Finance and it felt beyond words to sit on the other side of this table.


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