Alice in London Land

I was in an open courtyard. I could see the open space getting covered. In no time it was roofed over and i was in a reading room. It was amazing to see such a gigantic space, neat and orderly. But where was i? What was this place? I saw a movement not very far and i walked towards it. There was a man, dressed very differently, but i needed to know were i was, so i started with a polite hello uncle. No response. Seems he was busy in his book. So i tried the Excuse me. He answered, ‘Pete Marsh myself, What???’ in heavy British accent. Man, that was scary and i retreated. Soon i realized i was in a museum and i had started from the Reading Room. There was this more unusual item, it said a popular exhibit preserved 2000 year old, body of Lindow Man nicknamed Pete Marsh, found water logged peat log in Cheshire. Did i talk to a corpse, i better flee. I reached outside the building, i was in the British Museum, i was in London, i was in North London.

Corpses were bad and scary and i wanted an angel to guide me. Can i get an angel to speak to, i needed some rest as well. Did i see ‘The Angel’?

The Angel, Islington, the hostelry being a popular overnight stay since 1638, for travelers arriving late from North who prefer not to risk the highwaymen and foot pads on the dark roads in to the city itself. Hey i remember this place, i have read about this in Oliver Twist and Thomas Paine wrote his ‘The Rights of Man’ here, i was excited.

I might have spend the night there as i was at Hampstead Street by morning and the sun felt warm. I was starring at a porcelain Harlequin, forever grinning statue at Fenton house. I had never felt walking alone so disturbing. The place was beautiful but i was at Hampstead Heath, once the haunt of highway men, now it was prized and fiercely protected tract of amenity land, and it had the extensive view over London. London is seriously cool, no doubt and i like this place but i missed my country, my culture. Was i enjoying this stroll around the British Land? What was all this?? The moment i started questioning god, i was at Shri Swaminarayan mandir, in London. Man, is this possible? yeah, i was not wrong. The magnificent Hindu architecture, it was far from the exotic area of Neasden and i felt at home. It was amazing. I closed my eyes to pray. After some Eternal solitude i opened my eyes. It was dark, i was somewhere else. Did i forget, a moment of peace meant a moment of chill down your spine. 

It said ‘London Dungeon’ – Enter at your peril. I was in South London. Nope, not because i was a scared freezing cold chicken, i was in no mood to go into such a place. But did i go in, yes i did. Gruesome and scary but i liked seeing how full advantage of latest interactive technology was made. The seamy sadistic side of life was there, torture martyrdom, hanging, flogging, burning at stake, i felt my stomach grumble. It was getting more and more dark as the yellow light became suffocation pale. I better leave and planned to  figure out the exit door, instead two big dark men came and pushed me to walk. I tried talking to them, no i tried struggling for the escape from their strong grip, no i was actually being carried by them and gradually immersed in a pot of water. A hot water bath, that would be cute, ah, my brain was just over estimating, i was being boiled in water. I looked up and could see anxious faces around, did i take a second to realize that i was being boiled alive. I screamed at the top of my voice, no use. I heard a sound, something like an alarm, may be someone would come for my aid. The sound kept on coming. I was fuming in the heat, i was struggling to free myself, i was chocking, i tried to open my eyes as there was smoke all around, i could see the Great Fire of London.

I was almost dead. But then why was the sound still aloud and still clear and to be precise, very disturbing. I opened my eyes,this time for real and i was in my room, on my bed and i sat up. It was my alarm blaring. I was still sweating and dead scared. I took the alarm in my hand and silenced it, now i could correlate. My alarm  had died yesterday and it was anyway an old one. I had excitedly brought a new one with London pictures in it. It made me Alice in London Land for the night, it had tortured me very badly but i smiled. I think i liked it. It had China pictures too. May be i would be Alice in China Land tomorrow, i put it down still smiling, still confused and hurried to do my day.



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