My ‘La Joconde’, on My Pink Wall


Now, how ironical can that be, I had developed a special affection for Dan Brown as an author, from the time i laid my hands on the Da Vinci Code. Even when it intrigued a disturbing hype around, i was not moved by their theories but was fascinated by his capability to interlink various thought provoking issues and shed light on them. In no time, i had finished all his 4 books in a row. I would have read innumerable books and let my imagination fly on all their theories, but the like i developed for my ‘Mona Lisa’ Painting was something special. The Musse De Louvre and the grail were my favorite.

When one of my very close friends broke the news of his Europe trip, i said ‘Duhhh, good luck man’. When he said about the Swiss people, Museum of Ancient Art, Brussels and the drawing of his name made on the snow of Mt. Tiltlus, i said ‘ Ahhh, good for you dude’. Disneyland shook me for sure. I am no kid but i love Disneyland, how did i forget Paris and France were a part of Europe. It was my plan to go there one day, no matter even if i am an oldie but pay my tribute to Walter Alias “walt” Disney. I envied him when i saw his snap near the toy story characters.  But everything halted, not when he gave me the Remy Martin or the Manneken Pis chocolate but when i unwrapped the big pack he had brought for me. ‘Hey man, you sure this for me’ and he nodded.

I literally stopped breathing for a second when i tore open the pack, it was a framed piece of ‘La Joconde, Paris’, My Mona Lisa. She came to my hands, as a surprise, as a gift, and i swear my friend didn’t know how much i wanted her.

Its been a year since i had my wall painted an unprofessional strawberry pink. I had this portion blank, apparently, didn’t have a right piece of art to hang there. Well, now i have my ‘La Joconde’ and i hung her there, and i just cant stop getting satisfied by My Mona Lisa on my Pink Wall.


5 thoughts on “My ‘La Joconde’, on My Pink Wall

  1. Awesome dear..both the write up & the Mona Lisa on ur pink wall..!!
    m sure ur frnd would be d happiest person to see this.

    • Yea, n he planning more trips and adventure now, so dat I get mor to blog on, or may be blog on him, lolz, wil I create a celebrity via my blog, I wonder.. I wonder.. But for sure, thnx pal

      • If u continue with beautiful write ups like this m sure ur frnd is never gonna stop giving u wonder if u end up with a big gallery.. hehe!!:)

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