Water Droplets and Plants, are they the Best Buddies???

By early June rain starts, giving us a special joy. Our State Kerala is in its real beauty. We like the first rain and the smell of earth when the first drops of water spray in, but for most of us rains are a season. Is it the same for those plants? Everyone of us have become so busy these days we fail to notice the real joy of those water droplets. Kids get drenched in rains, they particularly like playing in water and sailing paper boats. You do agree, dancing in rains do not have a peer. Water dripping birds, we don’t see them much, I guess even they know to stay inside and sip hot coffee or hot chocolate. The story of ants saving food for the rain season and grasshopper hopping around make real sense, even they plan. But those plants, they seem to be more joyful about the rains than any of us.

ImageI feel those water droplets are like a close friend of those plants who come to visit them in the vacation, which is the rainy season for us. The plants are so happy they do all preparations to receive their friend and make them feel at home. Plants too wear a rain coat, like we do, which is a 2-in-1, it is the sun coat as well. The water droplets don’t soak them yet appear very beautiful on them and the sun rays don’t burn them either.

The plants love the rains so much that they keep the water droplets on them. They seem like children holding small things with so much want and affection, they hold it so firmly until they sleep. Remember the little girl trying to save a sun shine in a box in the pears ad. We as kids, have we not felt like bringing the mist home?? Plants too seem to share the same happiness.


Drizzling rains are more romantic and melodious. Those tiny fresh drops joining a pool of water creating subtle ripples bring a special joy to watch.  I think plants and those water droplets become such thick buddies here too as they send their leaves to join them. When each drop of water hits a leaf, i feel the leaf nods to welcome them.ImageThose tiny water droplets make their life so meaningful and beyond expressions, it is sad if we fail to see the beauty of their closeness.


10 thoughts on “Water Droplets and Plants, are they the Best Buddies???

  1. Yes, Indeed the water droplets and the plants are best buddies…It is a treat to feel the rain,watch the tiny droplet fall on the leaves creating a sense of comfort in the heart… Sipping hot coffee , relaxing and making paper boats are nostalgic.. I feel the hiding the sun shine in pears ad, add a sense of purity which goes along with the bond between the water droplets and plants….

  2. Lovely:) Feeling nostalgic sitting in the scorching heat here and reading about rain and seeing that ‘puli maram’ and ‘vazha’!

  3. What a change,i just can’t believe t..!!!
    an appreciation for vazha,irimban puli,mazha from my frnd..gr8 work dear & nice pics too..keep gng..

  4. Wonderful writing,. The pictures and and the write up are mutually complimentary. The imagination is a matter for great deliberation
    The write up as a whole is unparallel to what we find in literature
    good luck

  5. i just missed ma home soo badly…i use to watch it rain thru ma windows… when i saw that pics..it reminded me tat..

    • well, i feel happy that everyone who read this blog were able to cherish their home memories and miss those rains and sparkling water droplets… yes, those are some subtle elements which lighten our mind in today’s rat race world:)

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