My first attempt to be my own.

Yes I am young, i do love my family like everyone of you, just that i do not agree with them often. I think i am the only person born different here, or may be i think my siblings are like me and they are too young to show it. We live in the top floor of this old building for generations and nobody felt the need for a relocation. I think this place is boring, dark and stinky. I have the best parents in the world, just that my dad thinks in an old fashion way and my mom is too sensitive and over protective. I am the elder son and i wanted to make a difference. I wanted to explore the world out there. I could not convince my dad until the ratatouille movie gave me the guts to be adventurous. It inspired me a lot. When Remy, the rat, was abandoned, then, is when he did a great job. He was a chef himself. He had lot of qualities in him, so i think even i have them all. When Remy arrived at Paris from his dilapidated country side home his idol was dead, still he turned out to be a hero. I talked to dad about it that day. As i anticipated, he never got my point. 

‘Son, first tell me who is Remy’

‘Oh dad, he is my hero, he went against his clan and made a difference in their life’

‘Whose life?’

‘The rat life’

Yes, dad gave me the meanest look ever and replied ‘ well, we are not rats, We are squirrels, we are an aristocrat community and we don’t do what they do, no more discussions on this. You are not going anywhere out there’

That was it. I was done with my meeting with him. My clan always had a biased opinion against the rat community but i felt they were good in their on way. So I was left with no choice and made up my mind.  ImageNext day morning, i was standing out there, on my own. I was going to show my family my potential. I felt so good to see the beauty, the serene nature, the plants, the sun rays. It was a picturesque terrain and wondered why my dad was not an adventurous person, i felt bad that he was missing all this beauty.   I sang a song, i thought i sang well but no one around appreciated that. But i was not offended, i had a long way to go. I ran in full speed and the air felt good. I played with everything i saw there. It was day break and i was hungry. At home we never worry of food, we had enough. I thought of mom but pushed that thought away. I went in search of food. 

Slow and steady wins the race. But before i was slow, i spotted a big jack fruit nearby. Sight of the fruit was very impressive,  it was my lucky day. I made my way towards it. There was just one more tree for me to get over but then i heard a noise. I was brave, still i hid behind. Slowly i peeped down to see what was happening.


I saw people. People, the fearsome and the magnificent community ever born. I had learned in school that they were a terror and the unbeatable. I was seeing some for the first time and did not feel very pleasant. I wanted to watch them. Remy in the movie had befriended them but i did not feel that was a  very good idea. They were pulling down the fruits and i was no way happy about it. I felt miserable when they pulled down mine. I was angry, i had spotted it first and they were taking it.


 Remy was brave. I decided to encounter them. I made an instant strategic plan in my head to beat them. But i needed a plan B too, just in case, so i decided to go a step closer.ImageNow i could see them better. Whoa, they had so many things in their hand and machines that made unbearable noise. I feared even my plan B would not suffix. Before my plan C, a man had come so close. He had a weird thing in his hand and it made some light as he pressed a button. I guessed it to be a camera but what if it was something else. My mind gave the plan of action, RUN. Yes, we have been taught in school on how to face such situations and it said RUN and i did that.


I ran in full fierce. But he still had that thing to him and he kept on pressing a button on it. Well, i was very offended. I was scared too. I decided to return to my clan. They may be old fashioned but now i think i know why they are not adventurous. Now i think i know why dad played safe. Suddenly i missed my family a lot.


I was speeding home. I was hungry and felt miserable. I wanted to see mom. I felt bad on coming on such a pursuit without proper homework. But i had made up my mind, my first attempt may be a failure but at least i tried. I was going to come back but this time, with my family support. 


10 thoughts on “My first attempt to be my own.

  1. i have watched enuf n more squirrels runnin around befre…. every time wen i c one from now on..this story wud cum in to ma mind….

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