No one can replace you!!!

Drowned in sorrow
I sat on the milestone
Near the red orchids
And, This made a pretty view
But I could not see the beauty
I was lost, lost in my thoughts
A tear trickled down
It landed on the photo
Taken by the riverside
I held it close
It always made me smile
For I had pushed him hard
he had got drenched so bad.

What exactly went wrong
Why would I get so upset
I could not explain
But I knew it grieved my heart
I searched for a reason
messed up my thoughts
all those memories neatly stacked
Flew in turbulence.
He was my ‘best friend’
we were great together
Our  pair fabulous

Until the day he found
someone else far better
one who never really bothered
one who never could care
I tried, in vein,
To figure how it started
But soon I realized
He was moving away
Away, away from me
I realized with pain
Nothing would be the same again…
Never had i thought
it had started to end this way
I felt no anger
But an enduring pain
For he was leaving me
It would never be the same again…

May be, I started to be a bore
Or a nag or less pretty
For how easy
Someone would replace me!!!
Never will i forget him
But wish him all success….
I brushed away another tear
My agony uncontrollably clear
Past twilight, I had to leave…

It was then I Felt a hand on my shoulder,
the familiar warmth
Just another feeling,
It was hard to get over…
But it stayed longer
Then came a hug
He was back
A smile on his face
He  hugged me again
And, whispered in my ears
‘No one can replace you’!!!


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