Welcome to die!!!

Taking a nap
In the middle of the day
When your eyes strain to stay open
And it feels like heaven
On making yourself comfortable
On a pillow, or a hammock
which otherwise is the office desk
You are bound to kill anyone who interrupt.
You close your eyes,
even dreams are no priority
You feel weightless & ………
……..hmmmHmm . . . . hmmmmm
Ouch!! AND  What was that
Your EYES wide open
The sweetness and pleasure gone
You find the reason for your “OUCH”
Well, that’s Mr.Mosquito

The first thought that went in
Was how Mr. Bee disturbed Mr.Popeye
That his whole house went down to ashes

But this is ‘ME’ and I don’t need spinach
To handle the little devil
Who have come all the way
Just to disturb me

My lips stretch…
My best cruel look…
My eyes portray betrayal…
And the thought of the hour
Poor Mr.Mosquito
Is not going to be a fugitive victim
Unaware that it woke my attention
Rest in arms, happy with the choice
& ready to dine
And the thought of the hour
‘ tasty bhi, Healthy bhi’
And ready, set, go…
SLAP!! Poor soul, a sandwiched fairy tale
Celebrating my victory
Long forgot the nap
I was back to my work.


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