Her life, It always went unnoticed.

She was a beautiful girl
With sparkling eyes
Cheerful and jovial
Spread happiness everywhere

She got married
At the age of twenty
To a young entrepreneur
And the new family, has to be her own family

The in-laws were good
Provided she was good
But whatever she did
Never became any good

Be it Sunday or the monday
She always had to wake up early
The whole family
Was her sole responsibility

The house work
Was her office work too
And it had no offs and no hols
And no contribution to the country GDP

Soon her single soul
Shared two souls
All sufferings and endurance
went unnoticed

Even in pain
She was the support to the man
She held her hand to the old
She was the pillar to lean upon

Additions to her work
House keeping & child rearing
But she found the pleasure
In all her pains

When her children were fed
Her hunger vanished too
and when her husband was happy
She was happy too

Day and night, she took care of them
Yet no one bothered on how she lived
Or gave a warm hug
When she felt alone

If she was sick, no one knew
If she went hungry, no one cared
If she was lonely, she was meant to be
and her desires, was not of worth

Growing old, was again a part of life
She had done her duty well
Her children grew up, all well-off
and when it came to her, no one had time

Yet she did not complain
She was happy for them
Loneliness, now a part of her
The sunk-in eyes, still gave the smile

On her last days, no one was near
and slowly she closed her eyes forever
Her children never hurried near
Yet her soul wished them happiness.


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