Life, A Roller Coaster Ride

Have you ever thought about the most ironical thing that you would have come across in your life?? Well, think no more, it is none else but LIFE. We live our present days on analysis, plans and expectations and the only place where none of man’s theories have worked so far would be LIFE.Image
Do I have any of you reading this hate a roller-coaster ride? In that case, I would not hesitate to say that you are not dealing with life the way you should actually be, because, Life is the best roller coaster ride.  And a roller-coaster ride is the best thing that makes us realize how courageous we are.

It all starts with you watching a roller-coaster ride. The sound of the vehicle clubbed with the shrieking of the riders. That brings a smile on your face but your tummy grumble with a ‘No, No No No’. Finally when you decide to take up the queue, your solace would be all those people who are going to try it. Well, they are the same like you, their guts inspires you, it plants the fake confidence which emits the maximum negative energy of ‘Ah, wrong decision buddy’, right when you are about to step in the vehicle. But the internal force makes you take a seat and get strapped. And that’s when you would want to run far away from it but, ‘too late’.

The vehicle moves and you teach your brains, ‘relax, its no big deal’, the vehicle climbs up slowly and makes you enjoy your surroundings and fascinates you with all those beauty and you start feeling its actually alright, its actually fun, but then it takes only a moment to change. The vehicle comes down with such a horrifying speed and you are literally thrown out of your seat. Your stomach has stopped grumbling, instead it makes you feel the butterfly sensation, you feel standing on a stage was a better challenge, your breath halts, you stop thinking, give unreasonable screams, might even do a cowardly act of shutting your eyes so tight which would be an absolute unplanned act of shame. This repeats until the roller-coaster has taken all its titter tatter rides with the uncountable ups and downs.

An addition which is of a recent origin would be, the million dollar commercial idea of taking your picture, and displaying it in public, which is supposed to motivate you to get one for yourself. First the rider had killed you momentarily. You went through those upsetting feelings and like every one else you had said, ‘duh, man, that was nothing’ but the picture show your terrified face, and you would want to ratify your version of ‘no big deal’ because of the apparent proof. But ultimately, did you realize, even the roller-coaster moment passed by like any other moment.


Right after a ride, if you were asked to take it once again, how would you respond? Life, yes, Is not like our roller coaster ride? With ups and downs, happy and tummy churning, breath taking moments? Being sportive is all that matters. If you have the guts to try the roller coaster as many times, you have mastered the art. Have the right outlook on everything, your problem is solved. Have a happy living, life had always wanted you to be happy.


6 thoughts on “Life, A Roller Coaster Ride

  1. Every roller coaster ride starts with speedy heart beats,anguish & tension but ends with satisfaction,thrill & joy..really a ‘mantra’ for happy living………….gr8 work buddy!!

    • wanna try sky diving and see how far that could be correlated… but am sure, many would say, ‘he is one crazy guy’…sensible minds wont prefer such an aggressive correlation i guess…but, lets cross our fingures to the day we try dat one and see 🙂

      • letz relive znmd… letz get ova the fear like they do…. and lets plan for records, not to end up spending in euros and pounds:)

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