My first candle light dinner

Disclaimer : Its not what you think it would be…….

Not Again!!!!… Another  Powercut… Now what??

I was so angry with the KSEB department and every other person who might have gone that way for the very convincing reason of the power cut which ruined my concentration. I even recollected the past incident where during a same power cut i was so adamant to finish my work that i went in search of a torch in the dark. The result was nothing less than banging my knee on the way and tripping over the cat and falling head over heels ( in the literal sense) and to add to the pain, the torch did not have battery, and when i finally found the battery, it fell down and rolled under the cot, and by the time i managed to get the torch on, the power was back!!!! I was in  no mood to get into a similar adventure this time. But my prudent self had taken enough precaution to save a candle in case of such emergencies. I lighted the candle and struggled to work by it. And the result, i was grumbling more and more as my work just would not proceed by in the romantic candle light. Did i just say romantic??? That was when the flame of the candle got my attention.  Flash back, yes i sat back in my chair putting my pen and scales down.

As a kid, i used to throw the maximum tantrums when it came to having food. I used to be like those typical kids shown in health drinks and atta ads who used to push their plates away and make faces when it came to food. An addition to this in my case was that i used to run to my neighbor to hide, apparently not realizing that would be the first place were my mother would search for me. Later this scenario got expanded such that i used to run with my plates  and finish half of it taking half a day. The same had happened then as well, except that it was night. My neighbor aunty, a lovely lady, who loved kids more than anything else, a boon for me. As i reached there, i was greeted by a similar power cut and aunty made me comfortable in the candle light.

My clever neighbor aunty threw a challenge on me that she would make me touch the candle light without getting me burned. In return, obviously i was to finish my food with her. I knew that was a joke, so agreed. But, she caught my little finger and moved it to and fro the candle flame with such a speed which fascinated me. I was enthralled beyond words and expressions. I had my food without any trouble that night trying to figure out how that had happened.

Years pass by. My neighbor aunty moved away from our neighborhood. Things changed and life moved on. I grew up and got busy with my life. After years, now as i see the candle light, it brought me memories of that day, that night, when i had my first candle light dinner. The fascination i had still had its purity, and it brought a smile on my face.

Further more, coming back to today’s power cut, i had stopped cursing KSEB and wore a satisfied expression. May be a power cut is not that bad after all.


What i really miss!!

In the last day of September
when I had to encounter
the wailing of my yearning heart
I was poked by an alarming start
It left me thinking
what kind of life do I lead
I feel like a ‘touch-me-not’
I fold off within
And stay away from the outside world.
I don’t care what others do
I don’t mind what people say
I don’t feel happy on diwali days
the sweet boxes don’t bring on the smile.
I forget my friends b’day
all I think is my own d’day
the lovely breeze
and the warmth of sunlight
don’t make me happy anymore.
The barath on the streets
or the drumbeats in the neighborhood
feel so disturbing
May be life has such a pause
And  may be its nice to feel that pause
And  to realize what I really miss !!!!