What i really miss!!

In the last day of September
when I had to encounter
the wailing of my yearning heart
I was poked by an alarming start
It left me thinking
what kind of life do I lead
I feel like a ‘touch-me-not’
I fold off within
And stay away from the outside world.
I don’t care what others do
I don’t mind what people say
I don’t feel happy on diwali days
the sweet boxes don’t bring on the smile.
I forget my friends b’day
all I think is my own d’day
the lovely breeze
and the warmth of sunlight
don’t make me happy anymore.
The barath on the streets
or the drumbeats in the neighborhood
feel so disturbing
May be life has such a pause
And  may be its nice to feel that pause
And  to realize what I really miss !!!!


4 thoughts on “What i really miss!!

  1. a deep depression, perhaps couple of dozes of vittison ( Dechane product) might improve the thoughts… live simple and happy!!

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