My Story So Far…

You are a beauty, i agree
But Sweety, Am sorry…

Every part of me had desired to become the best, the outstanding, and a ‘fall in love at first sight’. I wanted people to admire me and talk high of me and my owner to be proud of me, others to envy my owner because of the prized possession which is me. This intense feeling in me had started from the time i saw my peers. I knew i was going to be a best piece ever made. My gut feeling never goes wrong and i was going to be a beauty. Finally my day came were all my parts were assembled. A week’s stay in the factory outlet had updated me of how their system worked. When the work on me was completed, i would be sent to one of those expert wings where they guarantee my worth and this categorizes me as a status symbol and so will i be priced. Hence, i was worked on with subtle curves and blends and i became a real beauty. Basically i had the golden color and after all those work of perfection, i looked decorative. I was proud of what i was and i was ensured of my value when i was moved to one of the popular brands of the country.

It was my day. As i had expected, the master of the store laid his hands on me. He studied me for a long time and advised his workers on how to add certain additional effects, which practically is only a value addition, and i didn’t care much about that, of course i was a unique piece. They did their part well and i was further proud of my looks. Everyone around there had nodded their head in appreciation and i liked their expressions. In fact, i loved myself so much.

Proudly i stayed in my blue velvet box. I was transported to a big shop in a huge mall. I even heard the shop owner bargaining for a hiked price, for the work i wore. My first day in the shop, they call it the show room, and i was put to display, that too in a very special place. I could see the other ordinary pieces of work glaring at me in jealousy and i laughed at them, ignored them, and enjoyed the privilege. I had enjoyed every moment in my life so far. I was fascinated by the kind of people who went by. They looked aristocratic and elegant unlike those factory people, good looking unlike my rich shop owner. I felt good for all admiring eyes that fell on me. By noon, i was chosen to be brought. One girl even felt bad on just missing my purchase, she wanted me for her wedding day i guess and that explains why she felt bad. I was going to be part of a new family and got very excited for it.

My master, she was a very nice girl. I liked her home, rather my new home. It was posh, rich and elegant, of course they are rich else they would not afford my buy. I liked her room and her cup-board too. But then what was wrong? I slowly realized she was no accessory addict. She kept me in her cup board, in the same blue velvet box and locked it tight; i was even put away from light and other admiring eyes. She was busy and working all the time. She never thought of me. I was brought only as an emergency and the emergency never came. She avoided all social events and weddings. All she did was work, work and work. I was shattered, i felt sad but then i realized may be there is a reason for her workaholic nature and may be when my time comes, it would be totally special. So i planned to wait. And hence i wait, i wait for the day she wear me, i wait for the day people see me, i wait for the day when she really like me.


The Two Telescopes

There is this boat and there are two people in it with two telescopes respectively. Each of them look through their telescopes in different directions. In long intervals, one shouts to the other and the other replies. But they don’t come face to face very often now. Both are busy, yet both are happy in their own ways.

Coming to me, I belong to this boat but I am in a Jacuzzi near by, in the middle to be precise and I watch them, yeah that’s what I do. And now I am so much used to watching them, i don’t feel left out. Though I don’t have my own telescope, am comfortable with this left out lonely feeling.

Their telescopes have become an integral part of their lives. They are very contended about what they are doing and chit-chat enthusiastically about what all they see everyday. I listen them speak with inquisitiveness for I don’t get to see anything except this vast blue sea around me. I get morose about this at times as I feel my peers get to see beyond this but I console myself. I think they have this magic telescope and it would show interesting and distant places and I dream of getting my own telescope one day, even my own boat for am so much bored of my Jacuzzi.

Day after day this continued. I did my part but I remained in my Jacuzzi. But I was very hopeful about being in my own boat one day and let my imagination fly. I even started thinking, will they feel the vacuum when I get my own telescope, and my own boat and re-locate myself and I too get busy in seeing these new things like they do??? May be then they will spend less time with their telescopes and more time with each other. There is something like boredom too and I believe there will be this point when they shift their priorities. I wish I too get my belongings soon, I too get to enjoy a life like them soon as am tired of watching them. But I have decided to bring in one change, I don’t want a Jacuzzi in my boat, and none to be sitting in that Jacuzzi and watching me and getting fascinated or may be depressed like I did. So I wait, I wait for my plan to be in action soon and I think that’s what keep me going.