I am A love Bird…

I am a love bird
But am all scared

Copy of pic 1

he is my twin brother
yellow in color
Opposite in nature
yet loving for each other
I have been meek always
He had been bold unlike
I hide from strangers
He is fascinated

We were brought on the same day
And i see everyone love him better
So i prefer the solitude of my home
And hate coming out

But he try hard
To make me brave
He inspire me with ‘angry bird’ tales
And i don’t see the reason why
He asks what i would do if he had to leave me
That scares and i pray we never part
But Our friends in this cage
some died of bird flu
and some were taken away

I can’t bear the fear,
And i try harder
Bro say they are people
Some are good and some are bad

So with his help, I peep out
I watch you and think you are nice
I think you like us
And that’s what your eyes say
Though we are caged
i like your love for us
It makes me happy,
Now I know why you call us the ‘Love Birds’

Your love gives me courage
So i would also  fly
and flutter like my bro
And you are going to like me too.


6 thoughts on “I am A love Bird…

  1. hey dude….
    The poem has come out amazingly wonderful ,its actually a tribute now for the birds as they are a memory now!…i think it needs few more credit recognitions:) …

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