The ‘yucky’ expo 1 and 2!!!

This is not a part of those classy features you come across in Sunday supplements like ‘A visit to Paris’ or ‘Awesomeness of traditional ways’ etc but something I experienced recently and did not even enjoy the liberty of making a super yucky face for the same. As one was not enough, I had a similar one the very next day which made me even check the star talk column for the coming week.

Though I travel pretty much, trains had never been an appealing mode for me. In fact trains had always planted in me a biased opinion and I agree this spoils the first impression about me to those train folks who have their day start and end with trains. My kith and kin tried influencing me to bring about a change and I should admit, the cost-benefit analysis made me end up with trains, apparently I was not rich enough to fly and road transport were not practical for long trips and the list did not provide other options. One such day, I was waiting in the station for my Sabari Express, a little before the super yucky expo. Like most of you, I too keep myself busy watching people. That is when I spotted this lady (not old, tattered or weak but somewhere in between the poor and help her category) sat near by with a big packet of Tiger biscuits and water. Aha, brunch time. But she had different plans for her brunch. As I watched, she broke the biscuits into small pieces and put into the half filled water bottle. She kept on doing that until the bottle exhausted its capacity level ( I was reminded of the old story where the crow put in pebbles in the pot reaching water after a while), but next what I saw was not very good. She drank that thickly diluted liquid, I was very nearby my stomach gave me meanest feelings. My descent self restricted me having the yucky expression on my face out of respect for her but later I felt, hurting her feelings were better to cherishing the yucky thought.

Before I could forget the yucky feel, I had a similar one the very next day, the ‘yucky expo part 2’. The food we get in pg’s(paying guest) are never A-Grade but considering the scarcity of accommodation in city’s no one would want to let go any that comes their way. Inmates manage food without many complaints. It was a rainy day and our mess had an attack of big flies and we, the insensitive inmates are used to such mini attacks. That day noon I was more hungry owing to an office battle. May be the hunger made me find the food ironically tasty. Nearing the finish line I realized what was left in my tiffin box were not vegetables any more but two big fly corpse. Well Well, I eyed the girl who sat near by who was munching her stuff, so with out much scene I closed my box, and vanished before any one knew. I saved my yucky expression but not the yucky feel that lasted the whole day. The fly corpse haunted my sleep. Tell me, who would not check up the star signs the next day???