The Mistake…A Woman Centric Topic

Every one does mistakes. Silly mistakes are mostly associated with kids and adolescents who are in their learning process of right and wrongs. Monetary mistakes, the common one, happens in shares and stocks, painful and sleep depriving. But life mistakes, they stay cemented through out life haunting and eating every bit of a person. For argument sake one can say this happens only if you realize you actually did a ‘mistake’ and many do not categorize it so as they have to live through their mistakes being an optimist. But, like the feel you have when you are saved of an accident in a millisecond gap or when the bus dangles in the top of a hill and the travelers are magically saved like in a movie and they give the huff-puff of relief, the same is the feel you are likely to have when you realize how your stars saved you from a costly life mistake. I can say i am talking about a friend of mine here and you can guess it might be about myself, but that is really not relevant here as i intend to dedicate this to every girl out there who think they are right and justify their decisions.  So you see, i am talking for those ‘i met my guy’ folks who might be wrong and the happy ones (relatively less in number) are exempted.

I met a few recently who lament in making a life mistake, marrying their love of 5 years and now enquire the divorce procedure. Watching them is cruel for us too.  Should we appreciate their guts (left out of choice) or empathize over their lonely fight, i still don’t know. This is when i thought c’mon, what if some one was about to do something of this sort but some how broke in between for reasons, like a blessing in disguise, a small period of heavy heart is definitely better than life time misery. The question is Are you sure this guy is the so-called ‘love of your life’, agreeing you guys have been together for sometime, you know each other well, a little too well it grooms up misunderstandings in later part. You cannot possibly figure out who was right and who was wrong, each one now have an upgraded version of their arguemts to  keep away.  The trick, i think, is identifying in the initial stages itself whether the guy is fit for you (provided you are the lone fighter and family is not brought in, obviously when you decide families have to be in disagreement) but believe me the family is always right, at least in half million cases they were!!! Have you not noticed when families decide they act as an ombudsmen later. Why do you forget financial power, position, and success is everything and how much an angel/damsel/beauty peagent you are, guys get bored of it sooner, but they never get bored of the former do they? Dear girls, engrave it in your conscience that woman power is immense and god given. In Chanakya times women were mans’ possession and had no recognition but those days are long gone. Know yourself and cherish the chance rather than gambling it out, save yourself from any costly life mistakes that happens in your preventive environment.