Too glad that school is over

Life is a process and no one ever excels finishing their studies here, but i am glad school is over. Oh yes, i started with a very serious lecture lesson but am not going to write anything about it. Taking a break from routine life is something everyone would like to do. I too got a chance and traveled to without an aim for a day. Not something like what the very creative people do, but only because i thought i will accompany some one. So our bus traveled to the interiors of the town ship where there was more of greenery and less of traffic and people. Before i start saying about what interested me there, i rather want to talk about what interested me on my way to the destination. Our crowded bus had halted in front of a big government school which was disciplined but i could see how the lessons were progressing, apparently they did not have much of the campus. The bus stayed there for a longer time and watching the kids were definitely not very exciting for me. I went to my own school days and i am just glad that school is over. Watching them reminded me of those rainy days, uniforms, school bag and school books, homework and including the worst part which is exams and daily class questions. It used to surprise me on why teachers always asked us so many questions and they wanted us to reply correctly, and if not punishing and further worse they talked to our parents. Parents always had expectations which i respected and honored but i never could understand why the teachers had to expect. I had this feeling because they expect from every student and they wanted everyone to answer correct and score the highest. Discussion forums, competition, debates, we all had that urge to come as the best but if the same is required today none of us would do. This might have done good in long run which is now but i really really could not agree with them when i look back. I am not eager to advocate any corrective mechanism but am just glad that school is over.


3 thoughts on “Too glad that school is over

  1. I join u on this blogger..class tests,homeworks and discipline t its core,..ho..!!
    school life was tension filled at least in some respects.

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