rare these days

rare these days

Now what is confusing is all that star talk and astrology they do. Why do i find it confusing. Obvious reason, i am a stranger to the whole field. So am i against?? Do i object?? Nope, neither. As a part of being realistic, most of us find it hard to perceive the theories they put forth but it is interesting to watch and listen.

Well, am not coming to all those controversial topics instead today’s talk is regarding kolams (rangoli or muggulu  or what ever you call it). To be frank i miss it. Well, i am not a person who grew up with lot of kolam homes and kolam competitions around me but i have always been fascinated by it.

The whole idea is of high applause. Lakshmy, Goddess of prosperity and wealth is invited home with such a beautiful drawing in the front door. Totally true, i find such homes neat and disciplined. The bad spirits get caught in the drawing and they are refrained from entering. One of my city bread foreign friend said “dude, that is totally kool”. But the basic idea was ants need not walk a long way to get their food as the drawings are made with rice floor (psst..psst, or is it like we divert their attention that they do not get to mess up the kitchen and crowd around sugar tins and chocolate bars, aha, our clever ancestors). Kolam competitions are also talk of the town and this competition, i have always found is a class apart. Creative people draw it with a surprising beauty and perfection.Some one told me another interesting bit. They are mathematically planned drawing, geometric in shape, going through or around a matrix of dots, yeah, i had my mouth open hearing there is a room for high research here.

Talk no further, i learned my abcd’s in this. I heard my star had something to do with deer (they say each one of us have an animal, a bird, a tree, a flower, a what not representing us or may be, making us complete and i heard the animal representing me is deer). That is how i developed a kolam regarding this. And i must say, the creativity was not bad, and i guess you guys agree. Adieu.


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