He deserves the pity!!!

My friend told me this yesterday and i could not console him much. He had an ugly day and i agree he had. After much coaxing and tension times his girlfriend had joined him, in his office and it was the first day, a day with lot of excitement. But its rightly said Man proposes, god disposes, though not quiet apt to the context. It was a busy day and these guys were seated in two different sides. The boy had his usual clients coming in, the girl was working efficiently in the other side. Now there was this typical client who has loud mouth and blurps before realizing he said a bit too much or may be never realizes. When he came to the boy(my friend), he continued in a mean tone, “dude we have a new entry and its a girl, lucky u it should be entertaining… can you fetch me her details” and he had a vulture look. My friend had to gulp down the anger hard as the relationship was a top secret. He could not even gift him a black eye. It was even worse when the girl laughed it away when the boy was still red-green-blue.


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