That was like boondoggle!!!

It was a lazy afternoon
Aptly the server on strike too
Staring at the blank black screens
And tired of empty group chat screens
I pushed my chair aside for a walk around.
Halted near a colleague of mine
He being an old friend from school
And my everyday elevator partner,
He was busy on an office call
And, I waited on the nearby chair
In despair took his phone in hand
That’s when a message beeped in,
Not thinking twice, checked on the text
Which read ‘DONE’
Ah, I knew the sender
A mutual friend to say
Glad of the discovery,
I replied, ‘Long time dude, you all fine?’
The reply read
‘what do you mean’!!!
Hence the text tail grew long
Until my elevator partner got back
I tossed the phone back,
Smiled sheepishly and walked back
Feeling much better for the afternoon prank.

Not too late
I got a beep on my phone
And my mouth hung open
My partner was on call with the same person
And I became a big time scapegoat!!!


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