…. And I fell in love with him!!!

Well, I really do not think it is some criminal offence that you grow to be fond of someone fast and you develop an interest to check with such a person quite often.  I read somewhere that the opposite of love is apathy and was totally absorbed by the idea. Hatred is only a part of love or may be a different emotion to the same person, but apathy, a perfect return to the person who you do not care anymore with.

Coming back to the present chubby boy am talking about, the love quotient had developed real fast. And the intriguing part, he never know it. Ah, not the one way traffic that they talk of in soap operas but this was real interesting. Every day, when I have lunch at office I try to grab a window side seat, apparently it is the only time we get to stare at something other than blaring computer screens, and though it is city, I prefer watching new cars, colorful trespassers and  streets buzzing with activities. Everyone is busy, not just the office going and upper middle class folks but even the grand papas returning home from park tucking the news paper under their arms or the little babies cuddling in their perambulators still playing with a small toy his/her guardian had dropped on them. World is changing.

Every day lunch time for me is more of a self-introspection and “think bizarre and end up no-where time”.  That’s when I saw him first. He was immensely or may be intolerably cute and handsome, chubby, brave and well, yeah I can jot down all the words in my brain dictionary. Then every day I started seeing him in the same lunch time. His awfully cute gestures and expressions fascinated me and with each passing day the fascination have had the hike, even before I could fathom how much I had grown fond of him. But I saw him only at my lunch time as I had a cab that dropped me home and never really managed time to roam in that side of the township where I was seeing him every day. But he never saw me, of course the glasses are tinted.

Finally I was tired of just watching him daily and decided to approach, no matter what. That day after office, I missed my cab. Missing cabs is a foolish thing to do but meeting him mattered to me much more than a comfortable travel back. I reached the shop where I see him daily. He was not there anymore. With a sheepish grin I enquired to the shop keeper about him, describing to the very bit. He smiled at me. I was desperate in meeting him. I followed the shop keeper inside. I crossed the magnificent interiors of a plush restaurant. Towards the back I could hear him speak (I guessed it was him) and the shop keeper opened the door. The scene I saw, I was further awed. He had his family. A beautiful wife and newly born 4 kids, puppies rather. He was well trained and totally obedient. The shop keeper said his name was Tommy, a chocolate Labrador retriever, not commonly seen in the area. He was totally smart. I smiled at him. Obviously he seemed to be engrossed in his kids, so I just left the gift packet I had carried for him, a cute silver collar matching his complexion. Happy on meeting him I walked back. I was too glad to have met his family as well, a cute happy family.


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