The Lizard

Oh no no no. I am no animal lover. Though every little creature here gets to share the love of mother Earth like we humans do. Well, that Is more of a generic statement. Big or small I like it when they stay where they should be and not ty to interfear with the busy human life. I say so because it is definetley not a nice feel to see a cockroach roaming in your prefectly set kitchen where you hav spend a five figure amount to beautify it. The ultimate solution being the use of chemicals which end up killing them. It does not give a nice feel. Basically I feel they should be grateful as they need not worry. All they think is expand their population base whereas humans worry about every single thing. Each day is scheduled. It is a race and a to-do list. So creatures got to leave man alone and live peacfully without disturbing him.

Our hero is not the cockroach but a lizard. He is not Rango because Man created Rango and Rango was not cute. Neither is this creepy lizard I talk about. All this happened as he got trapped in my room.

I keep my room closed means he cannot move out. I had no idea as to how he got inisde though. And I was no way happy thinking about him exploring my well arranged belongings. Owing to cool temperature not many flies came. He had started living near the light. Why was he not trying to move out? May be he was old or lazy or is in nirvana. All these probabilities lead to the one problem. He could starve to death and my over furnished room would make it difficult for me to trace the corpse. Eventually he will stink. Worms are going to come out. It was a ray of nightmares that followed.

The next day I came to my room and switched on the lights, only to find him on my bed, on my imported pink linen. The last thing I wanted was him sleeping in my place. That, agitated me beyond comprehension. He was tiny to be hit, so I chased him. He ran through an empty wall. I had left my door open and thankfully he ran out of it and I sighed the relief.

But, for the next few days I used to look for him near my lights. I did not know where he went as I did not see him again. No, you cannot say I started missing him but I sure thought about him and silently wished him luck.


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