I had seen her
in a picture though
she was my friend’s friend
and now mine too…
she sat in the front
but never really talked
neither did i,
may be we wanted the right time
and when the time came
she started slow
real slow, i was awed to depth
like how can someone talk too slow
slow and polite
slow in humilty
slow in peace
every word had a meaning
every thing was worth it
little did i know,
i made fun and mocked and laughed
was she hurt? i never knew
she never said so
but, i felt so later
Oh, how can i be so mean!!!
mean as in mean girls i say
i was no
and she was the better
better than my meaningless races…
i consoled myself
well, we are never gonna be friends
but life had other plans
she bought me roti sabji
and i liked her concern
i liked her clarity
i liked her gentleness
she was far from computers
and i liked the scholar in her.
she knew what she wanted
and i saw how beautiful
she made her life…
no flooding friends
no overflowing companions
no pets
but she was of her own
and she was busy in her little life
we had started talking,
more and more now
sharing views
sharing likes
i was liking everything about her!!!
she talked me senses
she taught me the right
she taught me her customs
she taught me her values
and i realized,
she was simply
a treasure to this polluted world.
i bought her momos
and she struggled with the noodles
i liked the child in her
i liked the happiness in her eyes
i liked her soft ways
i liked her simple nature…
Am totally glad
we are friends Sonali,
you are the best
you are the best
i got so far…


7 thoughts on “Sonali

  1. Not connected with this write up but being ur regular follower I wanna say this..
    Ur blog looks beautiful..absolutely “killer looks” in its new avatar..keep up the spirit..!!

  2. Minu, i really don’t know what to say. You have made me feel really special. It was like a flashback.. Loved it dear. Thanks so much.

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