The majestic flop, thanks to certain ads for their idea!!!

Advertisements have climbed to stardom. I remember the national/dd4 channels in my pre-school days which hardly had any entertaining programmes coming up, though they categorized the tv programmes under the so-called entertainment. When advertisements later on started coming up in between the sunday much awaited evening movies, they were hated on. Further, they started eating up an equal share of the new release movies that came up in tv as a part of seasonal celebrations. They said ad’s threw in so much money and every person being a part of the industry got a share. The climb had been steep since then. Today, utube being the sensation, they have ad’s in front of every video and in some sites, they come up in the middle also.

C’mon, my flop story has nothing to do with this commercial advocacy. My flop story starts when one evening, checking on a utube stuff that my sister wanted me to see, i stumbled on a half minute ad, which was about nail art. Somehow i ended up watching it. Their plan had worked. I wanted to try it as well but i had a few problems unlike those college girls who said ‘whoa, it is fab, cool, i love it’ and made weird faces which portrayed they liked what they did. First of all, my little town did not have any branded salons, i was never a salon addict, i never cared about pampering nails neither was i familiar with many spa’s, except of course those routine maintenance we all did, for that we had parlors at disposal.  There they had some meek girls struggling to keep up with the customer expectation and in more than half the parlous opened around, they had untrained people. So the only solution was, i was going to try this thing myself. All you needed were some colors, including a transparent one. In ads they showed costly nail paints MRP in 1000 and i had similar ones MRP in 35, which i stacked in my home fridge to ensure their long life.

Now was my final problem to tackle, lack of time. Well, i found my time, on the way travelling to office, when i was with dad, in the car. That day, thankfully, dad had our driver too. So i hid behind the seats, started my action, in a subtle careful way. I kept on telling the driver to caution me before he applied the brakes but he never listened. For that he gave a rather convincing reason, he said he was not my employee but dad’s and he need not listen to me. Duh, he was right. All those swaying and swinging had only one consequence, my nail art flopped, it flopped majestically. Instead of a nail art, i had a pathetic art coming up and i kept on correcting it until it worsened the maximum. Blaming the whole idea, i was bold enough to live with those nails until i removed it the evening.

nail art


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