Vivaha Tales


This is a funny instant that happened to my friend recently.
My friend is a jovial girl full of energy and her marriage was fixed. She is a total fun person to be with. Like every story of marriage, she too had found a cute guy. They definitely made a good pair. I am not sure whether this happens in every arranged marriage because with all the skype chats and what’s up pings and phone calls, the bonding flourished fast. Now, she being my friend and since I knew she gets attached fast I was worried for her. The reason being the groom was abroad and they had not actually met in person. Big Problem but had a happy ending.

Activities had started very early the day the groom was expected, and I was by her side doing her dress, her hair and running to help her mom, yeah, she is a close thing I have in my life. The event went too well. They liked each other and I packed my bags to my place as well. The family compatibility was matching and parents were liberal. I was happy for her.

The groom was returning to his place of work the following day. Normally, his friends or family were expected to drop him and here, comes the twist. She was driving him to the airport.
The friend gossip tale continued later. She told me that they sat close by, held hands, ended up with goodbye hugs and goodbye kisses. Fair enough as airports portray many such scenes. I was like “girl, its been just two days and you guys are acting like you been married two years.” I heard what every spinster would hear for that, a dramatic “you wont understand” with another clause “oiee, don’t tell a soul that we hugged and kissed”. Yeah big deal, why would I tell a soul, people are interested in boy friend girl friend break ups and not an arranged marriage emotional tale.

Last day she tells me
Grooms mother asked him whether he ever touched her, He had said a No. Mother advised the groom not to hold hands until panigrahanam (Pani Grahanam means that bride & groom can/must touch and hold each other’s hand, only on the wedding day however modern you are).

Well, it is justified if you ask why i blog this overriding that clause above. Think no more, I have her permission.



The junction i reach
there i see a new road
the theme is quite different
unlike what i was used to so far
i have a company,
here am not supposed to walk alone
we walk side by side
even holding hands…