Lord Krishna, The new Peter Drucker

Well, I woke up that day to be reading this article, Lord Krishna seems to be emerging as the new Peter Drucker of management in India. Initially I was awed by what all topics the press come up with but the article was really good. If we ask our old generation, they quote a lot from the Bhagavad Gita and make references to this bible book for every instant. Now, our management giants’ adding this to their portfolio was something interesting. Why does the modern world go too modern as to come back to history. Or put it the other way, History Repeats.

I had tried my hands on the Gita too. Being a layman, I could not fathom what Krishna means by saying a certain statement to Arjuna. The net effect, I never completed The Gita. The sweet coincidence was that my fiancé’s uncle, in an attempt to know me better asked how far i have finished The Gita. I was happy I could give one sincere reply.

I remember a story I read in school days, which was apparently my only knowledge of The Gita. A kid approached his grandfather and conveyed how much he wishes to read the Gita daily like the old man but fails to understand a word of it. The old man provides the kid with a tattered coal basket and ask the kid to fetch water. By the time the kid gets back, the Coal basket is empty. After a few attempts, the kid gets angry with the grandfather to have given him such a futile task instead of giving him the secret to master The Gita. The old man smiles and ask the kid to observe the Coal basket which is now clean. The Wise man reply The Gita is not something which any one can understand in a single read. It is not like some thriller/fiction. But with constant reading, the essence sweeps in and instill goodness in a person.

Coming back to my article, it says Krishna is the new guru at B-Schools. I wonder why they proudly picture this when this is something they should have done far back. Or may be The Gita is the part of humanity. It is the duty of a person to be practicing goodness and not to be adopting it in management strategies. Well, I can be clear. It said MMTC has opted for motivational soft skills to improve decision making capability. Learning from The Gita help them become self-start leaders. Just like how Krishna had guided Arjuna to decide why such a battle was necessary. But, I am an amateur too. I have not read and imbibed The Gita in full. Is it really apt to copy The Gita in every business circumstance, am not very sure. Can Krishna be compared to Peter Drucker? Drucker theory originated when there was the problem of authority. Leadership is a skill, not everyone have it in them. Great leaders lead different lives, influenced by different principles. Pulling The Gita into a diverse platform and correlating in the modern world, I believe it is all dependent upon once believes and strength in his virtues. Being taught at B-Schools and launching it among employees am confused of it’s success factor. Because in The Gita, it was just Krishna and Arjuna but here it is people. Management is said to be getting things done by others. Not every person in the group is Arjuna. My bottom line is, whilst grabbing such an intense concept to action, make sure it works positively. Develop a Krishna and Arjuna first and then, launch The Gita.