A feeling totally new!!!!

The Expensive hearts

The Expensive hearts

I see the clock, the time ticks slow
I feel the breeze, it hits me mellow
I smile, i laugh, i stare at the blank
I talk, i kid, am totally nuts
Rays or rains, warm or cold
Am absent minded and unreasonably bold
It’s a feeling totally new…

I lost my heart, i sold it out
Directed the imaginary video of the knot
Traveled together to the Seychelles
Dreamt of my own Paradise Hills
Watched the balloons fly high
The thoughts ended up with a sigh
But all said and done,
It is a beautiful feeling
It’s a feeling totally new…


Dreamer dreamer!!!

Day 1 – World cup!!!
It is a big day for two people, apparently whatever they are about to do is gonna change their life. Well, they are getting married.
The groom’s party arrive first. How they come, i am not updated; the point is they arrive on time. Then the bride’s party come, a little late. The function has started. But the aura is tensed as our venue is a bit funny. That forms the crux of our story. It is a big play ground (FYI sports freaks, you guys know how big the playground of a Football world cup appears). And, a match is scheduled in half an hour. Our wedding function has been launched. There is a vadhyar (the priest), pooja, filled thambalams (big copper plates) and what not!!! BECAUSE It is an Indian wedding. The couple are a south Indian Couple. Time tick tocks. It is 5 minutes to the match time. The tournament has been slowly getting filled and now it is fully packed. Ticket counters are clossed. Aerated drinks and pop corns have been supplied. Fans have painted their faces in funky colors. They seem restless but they wait. I do not recollect cheerleaders but our players have arrived. It is a match between Brazil and France. They have marched in their popular jersey, warming up, eager to go in action. Well, the bride has been sent in for a dress change. The dress is a koorapodavai/saree (a 9 meter long cloth that has to be wrapped in a particular south Indian fashion in order to get married). The entire population are witnessing the marriage (Do they get to eat a sumptuous lunch therafter, IRRELEVANT!!!). The players are waiting. The media is covering the function. The press is reporting live news. The BBC and ESPN people are worried. Time tick tocks. The bride has not arrived yet. The groom, the families are equally worried. Yet no one dares question because it is a south Indian wedding. Where is the bride???

Day 2 – Moonlit night, stranded in a treasure Island!!!
It had started as a weekend trip, a few friends, long time friends, with their wives and girlfriends and fiancé respectively. The Thar Mahindra zoomed into a forest. It is the first time they are going in there. Is it lake placid or the crocodile or the ware wolf, we do not know. The entire day was party and fun. But suddenly it is night. The jeep is in break down mode. Or may be have been chased, it is not clear. However it is a moonlit night and very much walk able. None of us seem to have a cell phone or a radio or a google map or a gps facility. So we aimlessly walk hoping one of us know where we are heading to. I wonder did one of the friends grab a giant crocodile egg from somewhere and is mama crocodile gonna chase us for her little baby egg?? Well, the story suddenly changes the purpose. It is like we walk at the last. We are holding hands. We are me and my fiancé. It is moon lit hence romantic. The romance hikes further. And, we agree to make out. We start the process but, before long we are spotted by few others in the group. Suddenly, the feel changes and it appears all the most embarrassing. What do we do???

Well, sorry readers, Dreams are CRAZY…you know that!!!!