Food…By food, i meant EATABLE food!!!

Food, clothing, shelter – the basic necessities of life. I am taking the liberty to manipulate them to Homely food, clothing of your culture and the kind of shelter you are used to– the necessities of life. Of course, when you go to Rome, be a Roman but i wonder how long do you plan to live like the Roman…

I got this insight from the little bit of travelling i did of late and i am going to write about that factor which put us to the maximum difficulty – food.

The Rajasthani Thali

We landed on this little island in the Southern Hemisphere and reached our resort all hungry, around noon and by late noon we realized, we get food at the earliest by 7 in the evening. No problem, it was the first day. We can eat all the snickers and mars and bounty and patchi till then and we did. By 7 we eagerly went to the buffet all dressed up as our protocol mandated. One big room with all food made us all crazy. We had 2 and 3 plates filled up with different and colourful stuff. It was not long before we realised all those looked appetizing did not taste anywhere near what the look had suggested. With a disappointed feeling, we retired for the day. Things were no easy from the second day and in no time we missed the goodness of the food we used to have. One of us even woke startled in their sleep with the dream of eating the dosa and idly and chapatti and rice and could have paid all our savings to get one time tasty meal of our liking (my longing to have curd rice still surviving).

Dude, they only took tasty.

Dude, they only took tasty.

Then, one day we ended up in a Jumbo Hypermarket where they had all kind of food – Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indo, Continental and you know, what we were hunting down… one south Indian thali restaurant and we were crazy to get our plates filled.

The Jumbo Hypermarket

The Jumbo Hypermarket

Well, the happiness stayed only till we had our first spoon of what appeared to be another tasty meal.. which only appeared to be delicious but was no way consumable. In fact, that’s when i realised how awful a thali meal could be and to give us the shock they charged only 750 indian rupees and a pappad could cost a rs 5 extra. If it was somewhere around were we lived, that restaurant would not see another day light, plus i wanted to kick that lady who served us this so called south Indian thali in her big bums for her attitude. To sum up, we ended up having salad again.

The salad once again!!!

The salad once again!!!

Henceforth, we changed our food habits. It was all fruits mainly green apple, kiwi, banana and oranges with salads. We filled our pockets with all the available nuts that where in display.

On our return flight i got a chance to be frustrated again when they served dinner at 12 night and woke the sleeping me for breakfast of sliced fruits, bun and cheese and jams, rusk and sparkling water at 2 in the morning.

The day I was home, it appeared like decades since i ate something eatable. I could not control the tears that flooded out when i had the first spoonful of curd rice as i got back home.


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