NYR – Stop repeating the same question every year!!!

The NYR – The New Year’s Resolution

Every new year, i get this question from at least a handful of people, ‘So What’s this years resolution!!!’ And, i answer ‘what i missed out in 2011, which was planned in 2012, further promised in 2013, which ought have at least been accomplished in 2014 will be attended to in 2015’!!! Guys, for how long do you plan to throw this question on everyone???

Of all the mad, bad and downright bizarre behavior brought on by January’s jolting arrival; a sudden preoccupation with the meaning of life, as you ponder where your career, relationship and the general existence is headed, the New Year’s resolution is perhaps the most peculiar. The assumption that in fact you are a bit rubbish and must use the ensuing 12 months to reinvent yourself as a worthy and ideal person can result in some odd decisions. The belief that you some how become more deserving of the air you inhale if you learn to play golf or sweating, bending and breathing in a room full of strangers (yoga) is a point to ponder.

Why should any one enter a year with a thought that he/she must change? Change is the inevitable. And, it comes automatically into a person when the neighboring factors impact him, the circumstances he faces influences him. The controllable factors in life can be altered with self-involvement whereas the uncontrollable factors appear in his ignorance. The New Year Resolution is a thought that enters in every mind at the New Year’s Eve whereas it is something that should appear in every mind when they sense the requirement for a change. This second category is more efficient as this self thinking entails some change in the person whereas stats say 88% of the people fail to keep the New Year’s Resolution.

Many resolutions are funny, you cannot help but laugh. Imagine where a foodie metamorphose as a gym bunny in his busy schedule or a house lady who watches at least 6 soap opera’s a day declare to stop them or your own idea of organizing your attic to an Utopian Wonderland, with helpful and neat yellow labels on all the boxes. Sweating on the roads waving and praying for one taxi to halt at the Sheikh-zayed Road is more happening than a routine early morning gym session. The Channel playing the Soap Operas going on a lock out is rather practical than the lady stopping to watch them. And, attics are meant to be disorganized, no harm in that.

New Year’s Resolution sound like we are not organised. It is like declaring, ‘I hereby vow to become a new and improved Version of myself from this January 1’. It makes us feel the pressure. Instead, it would be appealing if we took a moment of silence to think of what we did the previous year, how we were rewarded, smaller joys, big achievement, embarrassments, the rights, the wrongs. We find the graph remains with the troughs and spreads. You cannot possibly rate them or calculate a probability of sequence of happenings. I remember as i was moving into adolescence, this particular relative of  mine took me to a corner of the room and gave me a pointless lecture on the New Year Resolution i could take.

Am i against setting standards or aspiring self-improvement? Certainly not. Set it at any part of the year and just stick by it. The year may have changed but you don’t have to. You are this unique and beautiful person you are. Keep up the smile and spread the joy.