My Boss

He smiles when he talks
Not to all of us folks, i must say
He seems nice
that too is early to say
But, this chill runs down my spine
when his voice goes up like a swine
The 3 musketeers who never learn
they r yelled upon in turns
I thought i was strong
then, why do i think like a moron
He has numbers in his head
& no one can replace his stead
I like him for his lead
& i wish all to follow his creed
For he is too good to be any Hari Sadu
as he is my Boss with virtues.


“Dressed Up”

Crossing the lane, i see this lady
Half head shaven, rest brown hair
I saw this boy, faded blue jeans
pockets torn, wallet funky
A girl wore a pant
left leg is a flag, right another flag
A petite woman, white dress like an angel
shoe green, heels pink
Plumb you are, tight is your dress
Lean you are, flowing is your dress
You look like a clown,
i wanted to say
but she is all brands
what a weird mix match!!!
I wonder what’s wrong
the fashion sense gone crazy
Different people, different world
Different ideas, different life !!!


Be careful when you travel with a baby folks

Omg, what was she thinking
or did she just do that intentionally
what if the pram had got struck when the door closed !!!

Metro is a beautiful invention. It is very useful, has a lot of advantages and comparatively very safe also. Still, certain happenings are thought provoking. One such thing happened today morning. As i was hurrying to catch my routine metro etisalat direction train to work, i noticed a philipino mother with her son in a perambulator. Such views are pretty common in the metro’s of Dubai. I did notice the baby, he was may b an year old, cute but i did not pay much attention to the mother. She was asking mostly all people who where entering ‘Does this metro train go to Abu Hail?’ and every other person was answering in affirmative. Still i found her reluctant to enter. the train stops only for couple of minutes. I had already wondered, there were enough signs which made it very clear to her that her destination would be covered if she takes that metro, why the hell was she asking everyone the same question.

All of us had caught a seat and she again asked ‘Does this metro train go to Abu Hail?’ to my fellow passenger and that lady said ‘Yes it does, if you are coming hurry in please’. She pushed her perambulator with her baby inside and the door closed just in time. All of us sighed in horror which was however expected by the way she delayed. This is where i wanted to applause the system they had here. One guy appeared from no where and took in charge of the situation. I anticipated he was an inspector in mufty. He spoke in  a speaker system available and made arrangements for a crew member to stay guard in the next metro stop. Whoa, now that was amazing. one lady volunteered to stay with the baby until he would be passed safe to the mother at the next metro.

Some how i could not fathom what would have happened if the pram was struck in the middle when that door had closed. such a risk when you have a baby along is unpardonable. Was that lady with that baby a babysitter? Likely!!! I am Glad there were people helping and seeing to such situations. Please folks, be careful when you have a baby with you.

DIL Times – I am not a chef

* DIL – Daughter In law

Tough time is not when you have to work over time or when your plan goes wrong, tough time is when things happen regardless of the ‘you’ factor having any role to play. It is when you have to spent time with a group without an option. You have to behave there and cannot be yourself. You have to hear them out and nod. Imagine when this has to happen often!!! I will say that is tough. I can give you an apt context, try being a daughter in law and you will understand.

I always feel we have skipped 2 generations between ours and our parents gen, i think it is a step ahead of the gap that might have occurred between our mother and her in laws. Be a girl or boy, there had been equality in education and exposure. Girls do not just cook, but they drive, take care of home, work, both produce as well as take care of children. However, what have not changed is the concept of marriage in the eyes of the parents generation. Few parents have succeeded in mastering the art of non-interference in their kids life, but again, they are only a handful of them. And this can be tested in the kitchen more than any other place. Neither do my peers nor i think, cooking is a big deal. We think we cook well enough, our spouses know that too, unlike old times they prefer us to be appreciated in the career side rather in the culinary side. Our spouses like it when we stand on a lucrative basis rather than sticking to kitchen all the time. When i feel grateful to this transformation of our spouses mind set, the category who don’t understand this is our previous generation.

It is nice when the husband willingly makes you a cup of coffee, the couple liking it whereas the parents would find fault with the daughter. Well, no big deal as the girls now know to ignore most of it. Without further deviations, my personal experience that lead me write about this is the instance when on a beautiful and rare holiday  i had to spend time with few relatives were they were judgmental on my culinary skills. Handling most of it successfully, one of them took the challenge of experimenting on my patience factor ticking of the entire cuisine she had developed in her 40 years of kitchen life. I know cooking is a major area of interest but not when it is being thrown on a wrong person. At the end of the day i had planned to tell her cooking is not what i mastered in my pre-wed life and having a basic interest i can develop it over the wahchef videos available in youtube. At least she succeeded in testing my patience level as well as communicating to me that she knew a great deal of cooking herself. No offenses intended, i too realized my absorption elasticity as well as how to manage tough times.

…To you, my dear friend

Used to call up in every hour
Used to text even when we sat near
Used to shop even when our wardrobe flooded
Used to hang out getting scolded
you were everything to me, so was i, to you
We used to live like forever
Days flew and it changed you
If only i knew, those days were all
that it was meant to be
For, i became non-existent
just in a matter of time.

shackled deep down

Why do you hunt for me in your memories
you know i left you long back
Why do you search faces in the street
you know i am far far away
Why do you think of me at night
when you know that wont do you any good
why do you tell any one about me
they have no guess of what we went through
why do u ever get excited
when others see you just skin deep
why do you tell them your secrets
when you know you will regret them in a year
Stop thinking about me and move on
though i know, i might live in you the longest.

Nothing more than a smilie face this tym…

Hi dear’s…

I was enthralled when a friend of mine took time to demand me the reason why there are no posts in my account. In the past few months i had been learning and experiencing new things and the job kept me occupied all along. Many a times i think, what do i write on. You grow up to handle new challenges. You laugh when people make such a big deal out of things which are actually no big a deal. You grow up indifferent. At the maximum, it even appears you do not worry enough of yourself, then  what more to do when it is others. I have started to hate social networks. I happened to read a laugh which said ‘ dear people, if the building gets into fire please try to save yourself as priority rather than updating your public profiles’ and i actually know people for whom announcing to the world matters more than the self cherishing part. The second thing i have started to grow disgusted is the reasoning capacity of people. What kind of arguments do they come up with. what kind of solutions they jump into. Those who talks a lot seems to impose their understanding on their fellow listeners which is plainly rude. I am waiting for a day when hopefully such scenario will change.

Good day dear ones

Live the fullest