Nothing more than a smilie face this tym…

Hi dear’s…

I was enthralled when a friend of mine took time to demand me the reason why there are no posts in my account. In the past few months i had been learning and experiencing new things and the job kept me occupied all along. Many a times i think, what do i write on. You grow up to handle new challenges. You laugh when people make such a big deal out of things which are actually no big a deal. You grow up indifferent. At the maximum, it even appears you do not worry enough of yourself, then  what more to do when it is others. I have started to hate social networks. I happened to read a laugh which said ‘ dear people, if the building gets into fire please try to save yourself as priority rather than updating your public profiles’ and i actually know people for whom announcing to the world matters more than the self cherishing part. The second thing i have started to grow disgusted is the reasoning capacity of people. What kind of arguments do they come up with. what kind of solutions they jump into. Those who talks a lot seems to impose their understanding on their fellow listeners which is plainly rude. I am waiting for a day when hopefully such scenario will change.

Good day dear ones

Live the fullest


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