Be careful when you travel with a baby folks

Omg, what was she thinking
or did she just do that intentionally
what if the pram had got struck when the door closed !!!

Metro is a beautiful invention. It is very useful, has a lot of advantages and comparatively very safe also. Still, certain happenings are thought provoking. One such thing happened today morning. As i was hurrying to catch my routine metro etisalat direction train to work, i noticed a philipino mother with her son in a perambulator. Such views are pretty common in the metro’s of Dubai. I did notice the baby, he was may b an year old, cute but i did not pay much attention to the mother. She was asking mostly all people who where entering ‘Does this metro train go to Abu Hail?’ and every other person was answering in affirmative. Still i found her reluctant to enter. the train stops only for couple of minutes. I had already wondered, there were enough signs which made it very clear to her that her destination would be covered if she takes that metro, why the hell was she asking everyone the same question.

All of us had caught a seat and she again asked ‘Does this metro train go to Abu Hail?’ to my fellow passenger and that lady said ‘Yes it does, if you are coming hurry in please’. She pushed her perambulator with her baby inside and the door closed just in time. All of us sighed in horror which was however expected by the way she delayed. This is where i wanted to applause the system they had here. One guy appeared from no where and took in charge of the situation. I anticipated he was an inspector in mufty. He spoke in  a speaker system available and made arrangements for a crew member to stay guard in the next metro stop. Whoa, now that was amazing. one lady volunteered to stay with the baby until he would be passed safe to the mother at the next metro.

Some how i could not fathom what would have happened if the pram was struck in the middle when that door had closed. such a risk when you have a baby along is unpardonable. Was that lady with that baby a babysitter? Likely!!! I am Glad there were people helping and seeing to such situations. Please folks, be careful when you have a baby with you.


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