Art and me!!!

There was a side of me that had the ability to appreciate art, I am disappointed that I lost it in my quest of freedom, freedom from varied inner fears. Today when I see many such work of precision, all I see is the effort, perceived by me in terms of cost and price. When I force my brain to focus on the art and to think of what the artist meant, my brain behaves silly, it screams ‘what non-sense’!!!

Back home, far far away from these artists, we used to have festivals(temple/church)… Small vendors showed up with cute stuffs priced amazingly reasonable. In balloons we had apple balloons (my favorite), nitrogen balloons (it flew away all the time), balloons that had sand inside and many more. We had flutes, spinning toys (top otherwise), leafs that blew in circles when blown and so much more. It was unbelievable when you see the same stuff remade in an expensive way, with a demo book and got sold like pancakes.  Now, this is the silly part of me seeing it that way. Narrow minded. Unable to accept the broad aspect over it. Things that I cannot correlate I find them silly and things I correlate; it is on a very basic level. Effort have gone into all of them. It is their passion and outlook that make them different. Alarmingly, Why do i fail to think, many of these small vendors might have been artists too…

Well, this is the creative world. They sell ideas but in a very different form. You and I do not understand, it is their world and I applaud them for this amazing ability they have. Long live art. Long live people who see and live art. I am so glad, that at the end of the day, i am able to see art and a smile of appreciation blooms within me.


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