“Dressed Up”

Crossing the lane, i see this lady
Half head shaven, rest brown hair
I saw this boy, faded blue jeans
pockets torn, wallet funky
A girl wore a pant
left leg is a flag, right another flag
A petite woman, white dress like an angel
shoe green, heels pink
Plumb you are, tight is your dress
Lean you are, flowing is your dress
You look like a clown,
i wanted to say
but she is all brands
what a weird mix match!!!
I wonder what’s wrong
the fashion sense gone crazy
Different people, different world
Different ideas, different life !!!



A teddy thing!!!

a teddy thing!!!

my sister got a teddy
which is never ever tidy
he is huge and chubby
searing red big eyes
i hate the way he stays
Brobdingnagian get on my way!!
not allowed to touch him
not that i want to..
still that is an order
she calls it the art of tranquility!!!
she says he is a family
hence under a protocol
i hate to argue
its all terribly kiddish!!!
One problem stayed
that he slept on our big bed
am pushed to a side
so is she
but little she gotta care!!!
I never battle
never ever once
not the lil sissy thing
i find this teddy on the floor
every morning after morning
after all its her stuff on the floor
i smile and start my day!!!

The Rush hour tragedy

Rush hour tragedy is
when you are the PA to your boss
running for him
around the clock
arranging his schedules
flight times and meetings
you enter into the good books
after your share of humiliation
No time to relax
and hence it so happens
you get a wrong call
which beeps in between
your converso with the boss
on the phone
the call keeps switching
and you end up yelling
an F word
the boss gets to hear it
may be, for once it suited him,
yet you end up turning Red Red!!!

That was like boondoggle!!!

It was a lazy afternoon
Aptly the server on strike too
Staring at the blank black screens
And tired of empty group chat screens
I pushed my chair aside for a walk around.
Halted near a colleague of mine
He being an old friend from school
And my everyday elevator partner,
He was busy on an office call
And, I waited on the nearby chair
In despair took his phone in hand
That’s when a message beeped in,
Not thinking twice, checked on the text
Which read ‘DONE’
Ah, I knew the sender
A mutual friend to say
Glad of the discovery,
I replied, ‘Long time dude, you all fine?’
The reply read
‘what do you mean’!!!
Hence the text tail grew long
Until my elevator partner got back
I tossed the phone back,
Smiled sheepishly and walked back
Feeling much better for the afternoon prank.

Not too late
I got a beep on my phone
And my mouth hung open
My partner was on call with the same person
And I became a big time scapegoat!!!

I am A love Bird…

I am a love bird
But am all scared

Copy of pic 1

he is my twin brother
yellow in color
Opposite in nature
yet loving for each other
I have been meek always
He had been bold unlike
I hide from strangers
He is fascinated

We were brought on the same day
And i see everyone love him better
So i prefer the solitude of my home
And hate coming out

But he try hard
To make me brave
He inspire me with ‘angry bird’ tales
And i don’t see the reason why
He asks what i would do if he had to leave me
That scares and i pray we never part
But Our friends in this cage
some died of bird flu
and some were taken away

I can’t bear the fear,
And i try harder
Bro say they are people
Some are good and some are bad

So with his help, I peep out
I watch you and think you are nice
I think you like us
And that’s what your eyes say
Though we are caged
i like your love for us
It makes me happy,
Now I know why you call us the ‘Love Birds’

Your love gives me courage
So i would also  fly
and flutter like my bro
And you are going to like me too.

Welcome to die!!!

Taking a nap
In the middle of the day
When your eyes strain to stay open
And it feels like heaven
On making yourself comfortable
On a pillow, or a hammock
which otherwise is the office desk
You are bound to kill anyone who interrupt.
You close your eyes,
even dreams are no priority
You feel weightless & ………
……..hmmmHmm . . . . hmmmmm
Ouch!! AND  What was that
Your EYES wide open
The sweetness and pleasure gone
You find the reason for your “OUCH”
Well, that’s Mr.Mosquito

The first thought that went in
Was how Mr. Bee disturbed Mr.Popeye
That his whole house went down to ashes

But this is ‘ME’ and I don’t need spinach
To handle the little devil
Who have come all the way
Just to disturb me

My lips stretch…
My best cruel look…
My eyes portray betrayal…
And the thought of the hour
Poor Mr.Mosquito
Is not going to be a fugitive victim
Unaware that it woke my attention
Rest in arms, happy with the choice
& ready to dine
And the thought of the hour
‘ tasty bhi, Healthy bhi’
And ready, set, go…
SLAP!! Poor soul, a sandwiched fairy tale
Celebrating my victory
Long forgot the nap
I was back to my work.