Chasing my own tail

With all the meticulous planning,
With all the wisdom thoughts raining,
Attending to each minute detail,
Still, why do I find me chasing my own tail?

I could write down a wish list all day,
to include someone pulling me on a sleigh,
Happy times with a perfect style,
Still, why do I find me chasing my own tail?

Scribble all you want, I have no magic pen,
I wish I had a routine, just to enliven,
Nevertheless, I push myself on a high scale,
Still, why do I find me chasing my own tail?

Friends I had, long lost and forgotten,
Free times hence, all moody and rotten,
Scared to find new faces, time become a snail,
Now I know why, I find me chasing my own tail.



My Boss

He smiles when he talks
Not to all of us folks, i must say
He seems nice
that too is early to say
But, this chill runs down my spine
when his voice goes up like a swine
The 3 musketeers who never learn
they r yelled upon in turns
I thought i was strong
then, why do i think like a moron
He has numbers in his head
& no one can replace his stead
I like him for his lead
& i wish all to follow his creed
For he is too good to be any Hari Sadu
as he is my Boss with virtues.

…To you, my dear friend

Used to call up in every hour
Used to text even when we sat near
Used to shop even when our wardrobe flooded
Used to hang out getting scolded
you were everything to me, so was i, to you
We used to live like forever
Days flew and it changed you
If only i knew, those days were all
that it was meant to be
For, i became non-existent
just in a matter of time.

shackled deep down

Why do you hunt for me in your memories
you know i left you long back
Why do you search faces in the street
you know i am far far away
Why do you think of me at night
when you know that wont do you any good
why do you tell any one about me
they have no guess of what we went through
why do u ever get excited
when others see you just skin deep
why do you tell them your secrets
when you know you will regret them in a year
Stop thinking about me and move on
though i know, i might live in you the longest.

The Different Solace…

A different Perspective

A different Perspective

I realised it myself
Nothing was left in my own living self
Life moved on it’s own
You better watch it with a yawn
You hit it, kick it
Try to turn it red-green-blue
Finally you see it laugh at your fool-hardy
And behave on its own sturdy.
Am i glad i realised it sooner
Or do i weep being a loner.
Today i smile at my inner self
and grin at my reckless self
Inbibe within the peace long lost
Learned to live it all the more soft.

To watch you sleep…

Flying Thoughts

Flying Thoughts

When Edward had come
To watch bella sleep
I thought it was a meaningless sweep
But, today you made me see what it was.
As i watched you doze off to a peaceful slumber,
Those soft cheeks
Against the soft pillow,
Those hairs fell over your forehead
And i wished to be there to slide them left.
You were so much special to me even in your sleep
I realised, what exactly Edward had seen in bella..
I never felt you were far away
As our thoughts were built of colorful hay.
You never said much cheesy word
But i felt like the mistress who followed the lord.
This silent connect, it holds so strong
And i am excited to keep it all along.