The caution wall

I read somewhere that some people pass through your life for a reason. Let them leave, the purpose is served. I beg to differ as I see no purpose except that it left a huge pile of garbage called hatred which had not been rinsed off even with years of invested time. No good happened while they existed inclusive of waste of men, money, machinery and material in business terms and misleading moments in actual terms. I would like to hunt for an answer on why at all this has to happen. Whether or not I received an answer yet, I learned “Caution”. Caution is a virtual circular wall around within a 10 to 50-meter radius having large number of filters to finally allow any one near the acknowledgment zone. I am glad, one good outcome of the garbage was creation of this wall which made world a better place to live.



That was the most embarrassing meet up I have had so far in my life. Well the story starts like this. We belong to a highly professional and aristocratic cadre. We learn, behave and make the livelihood with our brain power. We are respected everywhere. But the click of the story comes when my mom’s social friend, belonging to the elite class of owning bmw 5  series and a couple of dogs to keep up her class  had her little boy (6 feet 2 inches) marry a corporate girl, and the wedding was a national event in our little town. My role comes in when there is a new turn out and their bahu’s brother belongs to the professional cadre which I was mentioning about, which means me and the boy are peers.

Now comes the story line. From day 1 I am being compared to this person whom I have not met and day by day my irritability absorption level gets on a hike as whatever I do is the wrong and everything he does is the right. Apparently I am not a well organized person and heard this boy is nothing but perfect. Day 10, I am saturated and I set out to find my peer. He is from a different town and all I know is that the boy is my neighbor aunty’s DIL’s(daughter in laws) brother and not even his name. My struggle to sketch him out continues and as a reward to my hard work, I find the name of his girlfriend. Now tracking a girl seemed much better as I end up meeting her friends (except for her). But I am never dejected as I have faith in my progress.

Days, months, years pass. I had to attend a professional 20 day camp, informal platform, and I am with a pack of strangers, only common phenomenon, we all belong to the same profession. Our camp days progress, we become friends; we become a group, a team, then a group of best friends. We are the same wave length. We do lot of masti, fun, funda. Everyone in my team are as disorganized as I am and I am happy. Our days are counting down, we are going to part, we are sad about it. That’s when I hear the name of that girl again, my target destination spotted. She is friends with one of my new close friend in this group. We are great friends now I can ask him all about it and i might get to see at least a picture, meaning I can assess the strength of my invisible enemy line. So I start in a polite way and narrate my story. And before I proceed he tells me, my sissy is married to your home town and I agree whole heatedly and I say I don’t know his sissy. Then I tell him this

“psst…psst, see joe, this is a big secret, promise me you tell no one” he agrees, he is fully attentive now. “There is this guy I need to find out. I have heard a lot of him. From family angle I heard he is a perfect gentle man type but his girlfriend circle said he is not that great, u know what I mean right”

And he nods and I further continue

“He had been a threat to me and I hate him u know, what I mean”,

He again nods.

“You know, this girl u told me about, I understand she is a great friend of yours and it’s bad to tell anything like this as it is a hearsay but guess it is alright, she is this guy’s girl friend, did you know that?”

And he is surprised. But thankfully he interrupts before I do any further damage.

“Where did u say your home exactly is? And I am like “let me finish” but I reply any which way

“aree,  near the white museum”.

He again asks”There are only two houses there right?”

And I impatiently reply

“yeah, one is mine and the other is this aunty u know, they have married their son to this boy’s sister and … “ I freeze and so does he. We are numb. Before late I realize, I had been gossiping to this person, who is a great friend of mine now, all about himself, all bad mean things.

Well, the end of the story, we are still great friends and the neighbor aunty don’t know about it and she continues comparing, well well, I am all cool about it.