With a pinch of salt!!!

Ain’t it annoying when people end up replying only to the last sentence of your super kool professional mail.. May be it was too much to expect the same humility in return !!! If it helps, the mail reads this way,

Dear Mam,

Trust this mail finds you well.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Warm Regards,
Mr X
Company Logo
Company Name
Direct Tel:
Mobile No:

Please consider the environment before printing this email.
This communication may contain information which is confidential, personal and/or privileged. It is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s).
If you are not the intended recipient(s), please note that any distribution, forwarding, copying or use of this communication or the information in it is strictly prohibited. If you have received it in error please contact the sender immediately by return e-mail. Please then delete the e-mail and any copies of it and do not use or disclose its contents to any person.
Any personal views expressed in this e-mail are those of the individual sender and the company does not endorse or accept responsibility for them. Prior to taking any action based upon this e-mail message, you should seek appropriate confirmation of its authenticity.
This message has been checked for viruses on behalf of the company.

My Disclosure:
1. I am the Intended recipient.
2. I have not received this as error.
3. Will not use this info anywhere else.
4. Thank you individual sender to have asked about my well-being which is what the mail is pretty much about.
5.I am forced to ignore this mail but to follow up my content with an alternative.


Nothing more than a smilie face this tym…

Hi dear’s…

I was enthralled when a friend of mine took time to demand me the reason why there are no posts in my account. In the past few months i had been learning and experiencing new things and the job kept me occupied all along. Many a times i think, what do i write on. You grow up to handle new challenges. You laugh when people make such a big deal out of things which are actually no big a deal. You grow up indifferent. At the maximum, it even appears you do not worry enough of yourself, then  what more to do when it is others. I have started to hate social networks. I happened to read a laugh which said ‘ dear people, if the building gets into fire please try to save yourself as priority rather than updating your public profiles’ and i actually know people for whom announcing to the world matters more than the self cherishing part. The second thing i have started to grow disgusted is the reasoning capacity of people. What kind of arguments do they come up with. what kind of solutions they jump into. Those who talks a lot seems to impose their understanding on their fellow listeners which is plainly rude. I am waiting for a day when hopefully such scenario will change.

Good day dear ones

Live the fullest

The story of the little sparkle on the nose!!!

It all started as a part of tradition. When my in-laws wanted me to pierce the nose for a nose stead, that the entire line of daughter in-laws had one, i was only too excited. Being a meticulous planner i had started my homework. Well, in this era of tummy piercing and tongue piercing and all available body piercings, nose was no big deal. But, as the time approached somehow i did not feel as comfortable as before.

First i had to get a nose stead, so i called up a store and they had 5cents diamond. Good, job half one. Took a bus and went to that store. Now comes, problem No 1., The 5 cents stuff come in a new fashion. It is round in nature and with my limited exposure to the accessory world i was totally unable to follow the mechanism. They kept on saying how everyone these days buy it but as i had to pierce, it was not acceptable. So quite unwillingly i had to compromise on an 8cents, the reason being a customised version if ordered would take at least a month to become a reality. 8 cents diamond was not as tiny as i had wanted. Then i console myself, c’mon gal, you are anyway wearing something, let people see it. It reminded me off my grandma who wore real fashionable and big mookuthys. Hence i bought it with a smile, with the hope of wearing it in next one hour.

With my new hefty purchase, i walked the pathway to a little shop round the corner were the ‘thattan’ (the guy who was going to pierce my nose) worked. The shop was smaller than i had expected. Like in many strange movies, the man at the counter would not smile. He read and re-read the morning daily. I reached the thattan and gave my buy and sat tauten. He after examining my stead asked, “diamond?” I nodded in excitement. He replied, the make in the diamond is of such a way that the screw comes first and then the nut. Piercing is done by keeping the needle inside the hollow of the top portion. Once needle pricks in, you pull out the needle through the other side and tighten it with the screw. Diamond is inverse mechanism. Oh lord, i did not know this and got into the next problem-Problem No 2. Now the only solution left was to buy a local gold and pierce it with that. Had i known it before i would have ordered a 5 cents and bought this gold whatsoever. With that let down feeling, i sat down to pierce.

Now came the next confusion, where exactly do one pierce. With everything qualifying into fashion category i did not know which was traditional. All i knew was in order to wear nath (nose ring) it better not be too high. Then, with a wild imagination, after many pen dots messing up the right side of my nose, i and the piercing guy decided the exact position to pierce ( yes, in that little nose area). Aha, in the process comes next problem- Problem No 3, that part of nose is a little thick and the needle would not pierce in very easily. He had to apply much of his energy to let it go inside and the pain i had, was obviously my problem- Problem No 4. Finally, matter over, and my nose had enough brown lines and brown marks from his squeezing and pressing and in between sparkled a golden light on the base of a red hue. Thanking him and paying him his dakshina i bid goodbye!!! Man, so much for a nose piercing. I wondered what all stories the tattoo guys and fashion freaks had or may be they do not have many stories for they do not watch their life as much keenly as i do. 

The sweetest kaju burfi!!!

kaju burfi

When my bff bought me a kaju barfi from indore..
It can never be his fault if the pack was over because a train journey can be boring at times..

Is it not sweet that a kaju waited for me,
that the kaju traveled two full days,
to be consumed in full fervour
and, i got it in the smallest box which had come handy
which, made the kaju all the more sweetest!!!

He deserves the pity!!!

My friend told me this yesterday and i could not console him much. He had an ugly day and i agree he had. After much coaxing and tension times his girlfriend had joined him, in his office and it was the first day, a day with lot of excitement. But its rightly said Man proposes, god disposes, though not quiet apt to the context. It was a busy day and these guys were seated in two different sides. The boy had his usual clients coming in, the girl was working efficiently in the other side. Now there was this typical client who has loud mouth and blurps before realizing he said a bit too much or may be never realizes. When he came to the boy(my friend), he continued in a mean tone, “dude we have a new entry and its a girl, lucky u it should be entertaining… can you fetch me her details” and he had a vulture look. My friend had to gulp down the anger hard as the relationship was a top secret. He could not even gift him a black eye. It was even worse when the girl laughed it away when the boy was still red-green-blue.