I had seen her
in a picture though
she was my friend’s friend
and now mine too…
she sat in the front
but never really talked
neither did i,
may be we wanted the right time
and when the time came
she started slow
real slow, i was awed to depth
like how can someone talk too slow
slow and polite
slow in humilty
slow in peace
every word had a meaning
every thing was worth it
little did i know,
i made fun and mocked and laughed
was she hurt? i never knew
she never said so
but, i felt so later
Oh, how can i be so mean!!!
mean as in mean girls i say
i was no
and she was the better
better than my meaningless races…
i consoled myself
well, we are never gonna be friends
but life had other plans
she bought me roti sabji
and i liked her concern
i liked her clarity
i liked her gentleness
she was far from computers
and i liked the scholar in her.
she knew what she wanted
and i saw how beautiful
she made her life…
no flooding friends
no overflowing companions
no pets
but she was of her own
and she was busy in her little life
we had started talking,
more and more now
sharing views
sharing likes
i was liking everything about her!!!
she talked me senses
she taught me the right
she taught me her customs
she taught me her values
and i realized,
she was simply
a treasure to this polluted world.
i bought her momos
and she struggled with the noodles
i liked the child in her
i liked the happiness in her eyes
i liked her soft ways
i liked her simple nature…
Am totally glad
we are friends Sonali,
you are the best
you are the best
i got so far…


A teddy thing!!!

a teddy thing!!!

my sister got a teddy
which is never ever tidy
he is huge and chubby
searing red big eyes
i hate the way he stays
Brobdingnagian get on my way!!
not allowed to touch him
not that i want to..
still that is an order
she calls it the art of tranquility!!!
she says he is a family
hence under a protocol
i hate to argue
its all terribly kiddish!!!
One problem stayed
that he slept on our big bed
am pushed to a side
so is she
but little she gotta care!!!
I never battle
never ever once
not the lil sissy thing
i find this teddy on the floor
every morning after morning
after all its her stuff on the floor
i smile and start my day!!!

The Rush hour tragedy

Rush hour tragedy is
when you are the PA to your boss
running for him
around the clock
arranging his schedules
flight times and meetings
you enter into the good books
after your share of humiliation
No time to relax
and hence it so happens
you get a wrong call
which beeps in between
your converso with the boss
on the phone
the call keeps switching
and you end up yelling
an F word
the boss gets to hear it
may be, for once it suited him,
yet you end up turning Red Red!!!

The Lizard

Oh no no no. I am no animal lover. Though every little creature here gets to share the love of mother Earth like we humans do. Well, that Is more of a generic statement. Big or small I like it when they stay where they should be and not ty to interfear with the busy human life. I say so because it is definetley not a nice feel to see a cockroach roaming in your prefectly set kitchen where you hav spend a five figure amount to beautify it. The ultimate solution being the use of chemicals which end up killing them. It does not give a nice feel. Basically I feel they should be grateful as they need not worry. All they think is expand their population base whereas humans worry about every single thing. Each day is scheduled. It is a race and a to-do list. So creatures got to leave man alone and live peacfully without disturbing him.

Our hero is not the cockroach but a lizard. He is not Rango because Man created Rango and Rango was not cute. Neither is this creepy lizard I talk about. All this happened as he got trapped in my room.

I keep my room closed means he cannot move out. I had no idea as to how he got inisde though. And I was no way happy thinking about him exploring my well arranged belongings. Owing to cool temperature not many flies came. He had started living near the light. Why was he not trying to move out? May be he was old or lazy or is in nirvana. All these probabilities lead to the one problem. He could starve to death and my over furnished room would make it difficult for me to trace the corpse. Eventually he will stink. Worms are going to come out. It was a ray of nightmares that followed.

The next day I came to my room and switched on the lights, only to find him on my bed, on my imported pink linen. The last thing I wanted was him sleeping in my place. That, agitated me beyond comprehension. He was tiny to be hit, so I chased him. He ran through an empty wall. I had left my door open and thankfully he ran out of it and I sighed the relief.

But, for the next few days I used to look for him near my lights. I did not know where he went as I did not see him again. No, you cannot say I started missing him but I sure thought about him and silently wished him luck.

Religion Vs Web

The empty hallway

This write up is not intended as an argument or as a food for thought and the like. This is only a little something that came up in my confusing mind and later sorted out for the good.  Before I proceed I can give you a clue on what this no big deal, yet quite a deal issue is all about. It is about a certain event that they undergo before a forthcoming nuptial!!!

India diverse with communities have unique celebrations in each of it. Pag ferra concept is interesting, so is the nalang. Every bidai is emotional and every promise in front of the lord to be for the other is sacred. Pani Grahanam, saptapadi and pratigna karanam are all silent vows.

When this happened, I was staying in a christian communal center for some reason and I like the place for it’s serenity, tidiness and discipline. I wake up everyday for their 6.30 mass. They cater to various religious and non-religious events.

That day also one such event was due. It was a bright day, sun rays peeping in through the side trees, silent breeze, a near perfect day. People have started flocking in. Initially it was all those proud dad’s leaving their elder daughters to attend the event. Till that date even I had not given much thinking to it ( yeah I hail from a different community and  a different bought up). They call this course the ‘pre-cana’ or pre-marriage course. It is a consultation the couple undergo in the catholic church. Wikipedia states, the name was derived from the feast at Cana in Galilee, where Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine. Such stories have always intrigued me and I respect the religion for the waterproof way of drafting it and little doubts of if’s but’s and why’s are answered in it beyond doubt. Being a layman, any mention of the holy book, It is the Angels And Demons Story and the Da Vinci Code which filled my mind. The discipline, The faith, The depth, well that counts a lot.

I walked thinking all these to the near by tea shop, which is my normal pit stop. City was waking up into action, gaining energy to cater to the heavy activity level in every field. As I walked back, I was still impressed. The compound was getting filled. But this time, bikes have started ‘vroom-ing’ in and there were girls sitting behind the riders. Now, They did not give any proud dad daughter feel. I wondered for a second like did they come to the same place? And they had indeed.

Watching them is what made me think. You get all information, any querries answered, a click away in the web world. Everyone lives with google. Then, why does the church educate them once again? Earlier things were slow. Now the fast paced life throws challenging grounds on every one to survive. I thought the system should consider a change. Wikipedia had said the duration of such course can be upto 6months, I was glad It was only 3days in this place.

From that very second, I could actually see most of the couple in a euphoric propaganda. Most of their faces did not hide what they thought. They were attending a course of this dimension and why did I feel they looked more towards the break time to be with their partner. They were clinging on too much on each other and a compound full of such people portrayed an embarrassing scene to visitors who came by.

I got only one answer so far. People who knew said, web came yesterday, man was born with a religion. There is a spirit in this system which has successfully survived since decades. It is still the duty of the Church to educate a  couple on the secret behind leading a successful marriage, the secret of adjustments. Web has not overtaken any religion yet. The day this so called euphoria ends, this education helps them live further.

May be they are right as I am not competent to comment about it. But I agreed, web Can not handle the complex human mind and it cannot provide relief in hard situations. Faith keeps man living, web has nothing to do with faith. I think I got an answer.

And, regarding the open display of emotions in that compound, I realized it would be better if the spectators just ignored the same rather than feeling embarrassed as it is a world where everybody is free to live the life the way they desire.